However, the booking for the following areas can be done through this portal :

1. Mohasa-Babai, Distt- Hoshangabad
2. Acharpura, Distt- Bhopal,
3. Pillukhedi, Distt- Rajgarh,
4. Smart Industrial Park, NATRIP, Pithampur, Distt-Dhar
5. Confectionary Park, Rangwasa,Distt-Indore
6. Badiyakhedi
7. Plastic Park, Tamot
8. Jambar-Bagri, Vidisha
9. Kiratpur
10. Food Park Maneri
11. Industrial Area Piparsewa
12. Sitapur Phase I
13. Sitapur Phase II
14. Sidhguwan
15. Plastic Park Billaua
16. Food Cluster Barodi
17. IGC Maneri
18. Waidhan
19. Jambar Bagri Ware Housing
20. IGC Maneri P&H

Office /Built up space booking in Atulya IT park Indore would commence from 16 March 2020 through :

List of Regional Office

S.No Regional Office NAME View
1 Regional Office Gwalior View Industrial Area
2 Regional Office Rewa View Industrial Area
3 Regional Office Jabalpur View Industrial Area
4 Regional Office Indore View Industrial Area
5 Regional Office Bhopal View Industrial Area

List of (Restricted/highly polluting hazardous industries) for land allotment as per land allotment rule section 4(1) vi & vii.