General Instructions for Online Application of Boiler Inspection

Under Boilers Act 1923
  • Unit has to be registered in Single Window System of Madhya Pradesh and should have valid login credential before applying for Boiler Inspection.
  • Following documents are required for Inspection
    1. Copy of Treasury Challan of Inspection Fee.  Click here for Fee Details
    2. Note 1:  Head of Treasury Challan should be "0230-Labour & employment, 103 fee for registration of steam boiler M.P. State".
      Note 2:  You can also deposit fee Registration/Scrutiny through E Challan.  E-Challan
  • Note*   For registration the unit must be ready with scanned copy the above stated documents.
  • Once the inspection is done boiler owner will receive one of the following documents* stated below, which is valid for 1 year only. Within 1 year boiler owner needs to apply again for boiler inspection.
  • a) FORM VI in case of Boiler.
    b) FORM XI in case of Economiser.
    c) Repair Certificate if in case of repair.
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