General Instructions for Online Application of Boiler Registration

Under Boilers Act 1923
  • Unit has to be registered in Single Window System of Madhya Pradesh and should have valid login credential before applying for Boiler Registration.
  • Following documents are required for registration
    1. Form 2-D (Self Declaration of Ownership) .
    2. Form II obtained during manufacturing of boiler .
    3. Form III obtained during manufacturing of boiler .
    4. Form IV obtained during manufacturing of boiler as per regulation 'C' of IBR .
    5. Approved Drawings .
    6. Steam Pipeline Drawings .
    7. IBR Welder Certificate.
    8. Note, IBR Welder Certificate is required in case of Contractual Manufacture.
    9. Copy of Treasury Challan of Registration Fee.  Click here for Fee Details
    10. Copy of Treasury Challan of Scrutiny Fee. (Rs 300 per 30 meters upto first 4 inch of steampipe length & Rs 600 per 30 meters after 4 inch lenght of steampipe)
    11. Note 1:  Both Fee Registration/Scrutiny should be deposited seperately.
      Note 2:  Head of Treasury Challan should be "0230-Labour & employment, 103 fee for registration of steam boiler M.P. State".
      Note 3:  You can also deposit fee Registration/Scrutiny through E Challan.  E-Challan
  • Note*   For registration the unit must be ready with scanned copy the above stated documents.
  • Once the registration is done Provisional Order FORM V / X is issued which is valid for 6 months only. Within 6 months boiler owner needs to apply for boiler inspection.
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