Delegation Members Mr. Ramesh Kalnawat, Austrian Commercial Office, Austrian Embassy
Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria: Karl Nehammer

Ambassador in India

Ms. Katharina Wieser

India Exports
1. Motorcycles (including mopeds) and cycles; fitted with an auxiliary motor
2. Printed Circuits
3. Footwear; with outer soles of rubber, plastics, leather or composition leather and uppers of leather 
4. Medicaments
5. Textiles

India Imports
1. Railway or tramway locomotives or rolling stock; parts thereof
2. Artificial Fibres for spinning
3. Antibiotics
4. Instruments and apparatus; for physical or chemical analysis
5. Machinery for manufacture of rubber and plastic products

FDI in India
Minor percentage

Major Companies in India
AHT Cooling Systems India Pvt. Ltd., Aichelin Unitherm Heat Treatment Systems India Pvt. Ltd., ALBA Power Spack Tooling India Pvt. Ltd., Alicon Castalloy, Alpine Bau India Pvt.Ltd.

Potential Collaboration sectors
· Pharmaceuticals
· Biotechnology
· Automobile
· Heavy Engineering