Delegation MembersMr. Alessantro de Masi, Consul General, Consulate General of Italy
LeadershipPresident of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic: Mr. Mario Draghi
Ambassador in IndiaMr. Vincenzo de Luca
India Exports1. Iron, cast iron, steel and ferro-alloys
2. Organic basic chemicals, refined petroleum products plants to produce beverages
3. Footwear
4. Tanned leather
5. Fish, crustaceans, and molluscs (processed and preserved)
India Imports1. Machinery for textile, garment and leather industries
2. General purpose machinery
3. Special purpose machinery
4. Organic basic products
5. Parts and accessories for vehicles
FDI in India18th Largest FDI partner to India
Major Companies in IndiaCapparo India Pvt. Limited, Leonardeo group, Baretta, Ducati Energia, Magnetti Mareli Powertrain India, Armani, Varsace, Cavalli
Companies in MPCapparo India Pvt. Ltd.
Potential Collaboration sectors· Automobile
· Defence
· Textile Machinery
· Food Processing